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how can smell enhance and communicate the perception of contemporary cultural identity?

Simple awareness of how amazing, wonderful, and incredible our sense of smell is, and how much pleasure, dimensionality, intensity, and meaning it can bring to our lives, is the most essential olfactory knowledge that we need to enrich our lives now and in the future.
Scent Of Desire: Discovering Our Enigmatic Sense Of Smell.
Rachel Herz.

The complex world identifies ourselves with the experiences, environments and lifestyles we engage in. In times of increasing globalization where individuals and cultures are merging together more than ever, the development of contemporary cultural identity is a multi-faceted construction. It is a process by which we define ourselves, how experiences in the world shape us and consequently, how we attempt to makes sense out of those experiences.

How we define ourselves, how others perceive us and how we communicate with the world is through our senses—they act 
as filters so that we are able to digest information and navigate through the world to keep us grounded with 
the reality of our experience. Because we are visual beings, we may not always be aware that our sense of smell plays 
an important role in the communication and interpretation of everyday life—we are consistently affected by our perceptions of smells.

As we live, we breathe, we smell—this continuous interplay makes the sense of smell the most direct link we have with the world. The emotionally charged nature of smell transcends the sensation of the experience and affects us intimately—so in essence it is a powerful social sense. Because they are infused with incredible amounts of emotional information, to what extent can smell communicate the perception of identities? All perception is an illusion of the truth and simply a journey of experience.

Scenthropologie embraces the relationships between smell and identity to increase the awareness of the human sensorium and to make sense out of the senses. By giving dimension to smell, Scenthropologie is a sensory world composed of the perception and creation of unique individual scent profiles.